Pottstown mayor refers to Conshohocken as a city in chicken dispute

There is a debate in Pottstown about allowing residents to keep chickens. During a public meeting this week, Pottstown’s mayor, Stephanie Henrick, referred to Conshohocken allowing chickens and basically said that if a city like Conshohocken could handle it, Pottstown should be able to figure it out too.

Conshohocken doesn’t have any ordinances directly addressing chickens, but there is an ordinance about animals making noise between certain hours. We have known of a few people keeping chickens in Conshohocken and a few years ago there were some complaints about a rooster or two.

Anyway, we just found this interesting as a mayor of another municipality thinks of Conshohocken as a city.

If you are interested in the dispute, PhoenixvilleNews.com has an article about it.