Pothole Fixed at Conshohocken Elementary School

Parents dropping off and picking-up their children at Conshohocken Elementary School will have a much smoother ride this year. The potholes in the alley are repaired this week. The above photo is from earlier today.

We first reported on this story in January when several parents requested help from Conshohocken’s Borough Council. The alleys are not the property of the Borough, but the property owner’s along the alleys. The Colonial School Board was also approached to help fix the problem, but the largest pothole was beyond the school’s property line. There is also the issue that technically the parents shouldn’t being using the alley, but everyone, including the Chief of Police, have  agreed it is the safest method to handle the influx of cars and children. Everyone also agreed it wasn’t fair to ask the property owners to fix it due to the increase in traffic in the alley, which help create the problem.

Councilman Bob Stokley took on the project of getting the repairs funded through his Conshohocken Youth Foundation, but found that the scope of the work was larger than expected. The repairs are now being funded by the Colonial School Board and Stokley’s foundation. Catania Concrete was the contractor.