Potential sewer sale on agenda for March 17th meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council

The Borough of Conshohocken released today the agenda for the March 17th meeting of Borough Council. On the agenda is a presentation on the three bids received in connection to the potential sale of the borough’s sewer system. That will be followed by a discussion and consideration on a response to the bidders. Borough Council is considering the sale to fund an infrastructure plan it developed in 2018.

The agenda reads:

6.) Presentations

a. Sewer Authority Sale Exploratory Process – Presentation on Bid Results: Scott Shearer, PFM
i. Discussion and consideration on responses to the Sewer Authority Request for Bids

While MoreThanTheCurve.com has reported on the potential sale going back as far as November of 2019, over the past month it had created a lot of interest. There is a group, Conshohocken Opposes Privatization Efforts, actively opposing the sale and over the past week have distributed lawn signs and flyers in the community. The main argument made against the sale is that once the utility is owned by a for-profit company the rates will jump dramatically, which will negatively impact the community.

A member of Plymouth Township’s Council, Karen Bramblett also made a post on Facebook stating that Plymouth Township, which is partially covered by the Conshohocken system, hasn’t been consulted. Bramblett stated, “Plymouth has vowed to consider all options under the agreement and at law to protect the Township’s rights, assets, and investment, as well as the best interests of our residents in this matter.”

The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. and will be virtual. Details on how to participate virtually can be found here.