Potential for raised sewer rates to pay for non-sewer-related infrastructure in Conshohocken

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article on May 2nd about municipalities exploring the sale and selling of their sewer systems.

The article gives an overview of what happened in Conshohocken during the process the borough undertook to explore a sale. As MoreThanTheCurve.com reported, Conshohocken’s Borough Council eventually decided to not move forward with a sale that would have generated just over $50 million.

However, there is one passage in the article that provides some new information (note that something like this was implied during the borough council meeting when they voted not to sell it, but this spells it out more clearly).

Conshohocken will now consider other ways to finance needed improvements. One option is to get sewer users to pay higher fees and to take over the costs of managing and upgrading Conshohocken’s storm sewers, now paid out of the borough’s budget.

The Conshohocken sewer system does not just service Conshohocken, it also serves West Conshohocken and a portion of Plymouth Township. It will be interesting to see how the potential for raised rates to pay for non-sewer-related infrastructure/improvements plays outside the borough’s borders.

More to come.