Poll | Democratic and Republican Primary for State Representative for Conshohocken, Plymouth, and Norristown

The primary election is next week on Tuesday, May 17th. The Borough of Conshohocken, Plymouth Township, and the Municipality of Norristown were recently placed into a new 54th legislative district. Conshohocken was previously represented by Mary Jo Daley (D) and Plymouth was split between Daley and Matt Bradford (D). Norristown was solely represented by Bradford.

Running in the Democratic Party Primary are Rochelle Culbreath (top left) and Greg Scott (top right). Culbreath previously served on Norristown’s council. Scott was twice elected as a magisterial judge. You can click their names to visit their websites and learn more about them and their positions.

There is only one candidate on the ballot in the Republican Party primary. Allen Arthur Anderson (bottom left). He doesn’t appear to have a website or active social media page(s). There is a candidate who didn’t qualify for the ballot due to the lack of signatures and is running an active write-in campaign. His name is Dan Wissert (bottom right).

Below is a blind poll we are asking registered members of the Democratic and Republican parties to take. We do not ask for your email address or name or any identifying information beyond party affiliation and what municipality you live in. We will keep it live through May 13th at noon and share the results.