Police Chase Leads to Arrest in Conshohocken

Lots of people were asking MoreThanTheCurve.com about the police chase that took place on Thursday, May 17th. According to the police affidavit, a couple got into some type of altercation at a local bank and the police were called. When the police arrived the male involved left the scene. That led to a police chase from 9th Avenue down to Sutcliffe Lane. Eyewitnesses tell us that there was a big police response to Sutcliffe Park from both Conshohocken and Plymouth Township police departments.

Below are the details from affidavit from Officer Matthew Foster:

At approximately 12:26 PM, Montgomery county radio dispatched for a physical domestic between a male and a female
at the BB & T bank, 901 Fayette St. Prior to my arrival Officer Gubicza arrived on scene, and was speaking to the female
half of the domestic. The female half of the domestic was identified as Nicole Soppick.

I arrived on scene shortly after Officer Gubicza and began to speak to the passenger of the vehicle , Nicole Soppick. The
driver was identified as Nicole Corthen. While officer Gubicza continued to gather information, I returned to my patrol car
to run Nicole Corthen. I was stopped by a passerby and advised that he saw a black male walk through the bank parking
lot and jumped a fence. County had previously advised that the male half of the domestic was a black male. I began to
check the area for the subject. After checking the general area I headed down Harry St. towards East 9 th Ave. As I
turned right onto East 9th Ave., I observed a black male sitting on the steps of a residence in the 0100 block of East 9th
Ave. I made eye contact with the male as I stopped my patrol vehicle and got out. The black male, later identified as
Delkeas Morgan Horton, turned and began to run towards the rear of the residence. I yelled for Delkeas Horton to stop
but he continued to run from me. I got back into my patrol car and drove around the block. While out on foot I observed
Delkeas Horton run across Fayette St. and go between houses in the 800 block of West Fayette St. towards Forrest St.
Mr. Horton was spotted several times before being apprehended to the rear of 125 and 123 Sutcliff Lane. Mr. Horton
broke the fence at 123 Sutcliff Lane while trying to flee officers. When Mr. Horton broke the fence, he damaged a
barbecue grill that belonged to the residents at 125 Sutcliff Lane. Upon being placed in custody, Mr. Horton stated he
has a warrant for child support.

While processing Horton, Horton made a statement to Officer Sean Gregory and Sgt. Shane Murray of the
Conshohocken Police Department. Horton stated he ran because he knew there was an warrant for his arrest for not
paying child support.

Based on the above information, DELKEAS M. HORTON was placed under arrest for resisting arrest, disorderly
conduct, and criminal mischief. He was transported back to 42 station.