Plymouth Township Police Investigating School Bus Violation – See the Video

The Plymouth Township Police Department shared a video of a vehicle passing a school bus as children were preparing to board. The incident took place on Sandy Hill Road just off of Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting on Wednesday, November 15th. As the video shows, the motorist failed to stop for the school bus which was displaying flashing red lights. As you will see, children were about to board the bus when the motorist passed the bus on the passenger side narrowly missing the children. No children were struck.

The Plymouth Township Police Traffic Safety Unit is investigating this incident. Here is the video:

While this wouldn’t change the need for the car to stop, why is the bus not in the exterior lane so the children do not have to cross a lane of traffic to reach the bus?

Here is what is required of drivers when meeting or overtaking a school bus:

PA Vehicle Code Section 3345 Meeting or Overtaking School Bus

(a) Duty of approaching driver when red signals are flashing.–Except as provided in subsection (g), the driver of a vehicle meeting or overtaking any school bus stopped on a highway or trafficway shall stop at least ten feet before reaching the school bus when the red signal lights on the school bus are flashing and the side stop signal arms are activated under section 4552(b.1) (relating to general requirements for school buses). The driver shall not proceed until the flashing red signal lights are no longer actuated. In no event shall a driver of a vehicle resume motion of the vehicle until the school children who may have alighted from the school bus have reached a place of safety. The driver of a vehicle approaching an intersection at which a school bus is stopped shall stop his vehicle at that intersection until the flashing red signal lights are no longer actuated.
Penalty.– Summary Violation – $250 fine, 5 points on your license and 60 suspension of operating privileges.