Plymouth Township Police Department to Receive Training Course on Preparing for Common Interactions with Individuals with Autism

The Center for Autism, in conjunction with its affiliate the Ruttenberg Autism Center, will be providing training to the Plymouth Township Police Department on Wednesday, April 25th. The three-house course, Appreciating Autism: A Training Course for Law Enforcement Officers, is an approved credit under Continuing Law Enforcement Education by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education & Training Commission.

From The Center for Autism’s website:

The objective of the curriculum is to teach law enforcement officers to prepare for common interactions that may take place with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),  and learn how to effectively navigate those interactions for the safety and welfare of the individual and the officer.

The course includes videos, lecture, Q&A, demonstration and mock scenario. Topics include:

  • Autism 101
  • Elopement & Wandering
  • Interviewing people with ASD
  • Risk of Abuse
  • Sensory Processing, Communication Barriers & Differences in Social Interaction
  • Community Involvement