Plymouth Meeting’s Bryn + Dane’s to rebrand as Fudi and introduce a 100% plant-based menu

Plymouth Meeting-based Bryn + Dane’s has announced that it is rebranding as Fudi and introducing a 100% plant-based menu. The change will take place in February and until then Bryn + Dane’s remains open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

In a social media post, Bryn Davis, the founder of Bryn + Dane’s wrote that the pandemic provided the option to panic or pivot and decided to pivot with the introduction of Fudi and the new menu. Pictured at the top right is FUDI CHKN.

In the same social media post, Davis stated that Fudi will give restaurants away. Davis wrote, “We don’t want the ownership, credit, or capital… we want to spread opportunity. We are opening up our platform to part of the world that deal directly with food insecurity, scarcity… or are in food deserts. Our journey has begun with two outposts in Entebbe, Uganda.”

Fudi is also hiring for its restaurants and headquarters. Pay starts at $15 an hour. Email

Below is a video in which Fudi is further explained.