Plymouth candidate and teacher using students to campaign at polls

Chris Manero, the incumbent Democratic Party candidate for Ward 2 on Plymouth’s Council and a government teacher at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, is allowing his students to hand out campaign literature for him at the Ward 2 polling place.

How did this happen?

When we were first told about this we figured it was just the high school Democrats club and we do not see an issue.

But then, we are told by unrelated multiple sources that he assigned a project that included a list of things to choose from geared towards learning about government. One thing was working at the polls (and he didn’t exclude himself or his opponent). The important thing to note is that the students aren’t volunteering, they are doing this for a grade.

We reached out to Manero via his Facebook page and we can see that he saw the questions we sent, but he has not responded.

Chris Mundiath, Manero’s Republican challenger, who is working the same polling location, stated:

Chris Manero said he wanted to to run a clean campaign. I’m disappointed that he is using his authority as a teacher to help his campaign. Different students are in and out and he’s lecturing them on what to say and do. He aggressively approached some poll workers and yelled at them, claiming they were trying to ruin him. Very inappropriate for a sitting Council Member.

We also hear that NBC10 attempted to interview Manero this morning about this and he didn’t react well.

We have photos of the kids wearing Manero branded shirts and handing out literature to the voters, but we don’t feel comfortable publishing.

We have also reached out to the Colonial School District for a statement.

More to come.

Photo: Chris Manero’s Facebook