Philadelphia Plumbers Union Local 690 Dumped $5,000 into Conshohocken’s Ward 6 Race

The Philadelphia Plumbers Union Local 690 donated $5,000 on April 26, 2017 to the campaign of Democrat Kevin Dwyer. The Plumbers Union has made large contributions in at least one other suburban election. had a recent article detailing two $10,000 donations made to the local Democratic Party committee in Media, PA in 2017. Dwyer is challenging incumbent Republican Robert Stokley for the Ward 6 seat on Borough Council.

In 2013, 362 votes were cast for the two candidates vying for the Borough Council seat in Conshohocken’s Ward 6. There are currently approximately 750 registered voters in Ward 6. $5,000 represents almost $14.00 per vote (based on 2013 numbers) and $6.70 per registered voter in the ward. According to a former member of Borough Council we spoke with earlier today, $5,000 is a huge donation for a single ward race.

Please note we have requested a bunch of campaign finance reports from the county. We should have them today or tomorrow and we can share the fundraising associated with all the various campaigns.  Dwyer’s was provided to us by a source.