Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure reviewed three Conshohocken cheesesteaks

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure stopped into Conshohocken recently and reviewed the cheesesteaks at Flanigan’s Boathouse, Guppy’s Good Times, and The Great American Pub. Watch the videos and let us know if you agree with the reviews in the comments.

The score was 91 out of 100.

“I have very strong feelings for the Boathouse. AnnMarie was a good sport. We got the grilled cheese cheesesteak. I think Grilled Cheese. I think tons of cheese. This had a very good amount of Cheesesteak cheese and a very good melt. Good meat, nice chop and flavor. Mushrooms and fried onions added very good flavor. The plastic cups are not souvenirs! Sorry, I blame it on the Jack Daniels.”

The score was 84 out of 100.

“This cheesesteak reminds me of a sandwich my grandmother would make so I like the flavor. The roll had a glaze and could have been in a panini press. The roll was doughy, which I like. Very good amount of cheese for the meat. The meat and extras fit completely inside the roll. Glazed roll shell, doughy and meat/cheese mix inside. This cheesesteak felt very hot pocket’esque.”

The score was 89 out of 100.

“Big beautiful place. Good roll, it had a glaze on it and not your traditional crust. Good amount and mix of everything except the cheese. The cheese needed to be melted onto everything better. Better cheese melt and this is a top tier cheesesteak especially at a nice place and only $9.”

Photo: Screengrab from Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure video