Pet(s) of the Week | Ralphie and Ella

This week’s Pets of the Week are Ralphie and Ella (jointly known as “Elphie”) of Conshohocken. Together they run the streets of East 10th Avenue.  They can often be seen high up on their respective porches taking in the lay of the land and keeping watch over the neighborhood.  If you ever find yourself walking by, especially with a furry friend, expect two friendly moist noses to come sniffing your way.

Elphie have an epic love story that includes long walks, sharing of pasta via “Lady and the Tramp” (Ella’s favorite film) and spooning in front of the fire while their humans feed their severe Jeopardy addiction.

Pet of the Week is sponsored by Pooch Patrol, which offers dog walking and pet sitting in Conshohocken and surrounding communities.

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