Petition to save trees at Miles Park in Lafayette Hill

For several years, a group has worked to construct a monument to veterans at the corner of Joshua Road and Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill (the corner that is home to Miles Park). The current plan (view plan) for this monument would require the removal of several trees, including two healthy Dawn Redwood trees. This has led Whitemarsh resident Eli Glick to launch a petition to Whitemarsh’s Board of Supervisors in the hope of saving the trees.

The rendering of the planned memorial.

Please note that Glick completely supports honoring veterans and the monument but believes it can be done without removing healthy trees. From the petition.

The current rendition involves the unnecessary destruction of many healthy trees, including two magnificent, large, ecologically beneficial, Dawn Redwood trees. We feel that the two Dawn Redwoods have become hallmarks of Miles Park which serves as a central focal point of our beautiful township for recreation and fitness. Further, all of these trees provide essential ecological services of storing and sequestering carbon, filtering air and water, and protecting properties from storm water overflow. In the recent Comprehensive Plan, the Board has signaled the importance of maintaining and further establishing efforts to be thoughtful stewards of our local environment. In light of these valuable commitments, we feel that all of the trees should be preserved.

If you would like to sign the petition, follow the link.