Pet of the Week | Molly Cat

Our first cat for Pet of the Week! Molly Cat (yes, this cat has two names) is a nine years old and has lived in West Conshohocken since she was a kitten. Molly Cat shared:

I was rescued from the Conshohocken SPCA and love nothing more than to tease the dogs at the local parks and meander the mean streets of West Conshy. I have been known to walk into random people’s houses and think there should be a bar stool at Gypsy Saloon reserved for me.

If you ever spot her during one of her many outings in West Conshohocken, make sure you call her Molly Cat, not just Molly!

Pet of the Week is sponsored by Pooch Patrol, which offers dog walking and pet sitting in Conshohocken and surrounding communities.

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