Pet of the Week | Marbles

This week’s Pet of the Week is a cat named Marbles who lives in Conshohocken. Marbles’ humans took him in when a local business owner, Daniella of ‘feine, posted on social media that there was a kitten on her back porch. Marbles’ vet said that when he was found he was just four weeks old.

Marbles was bottle fed and Onyx, Marbles new Black Lab Mix housemate, took him in as his pup. It wasn’t long before he was eating regular food and bouncing all over.

Marbles’ humans shared that he has a “personality like no other” and “thinks he is a dog.” When they tried putting a cat collar on him it is believed the dog bit it off. They then tried a puppy collar and both Onyx and Marbles are very happy with it.

Pet of the Week is sponsored by Pooch Patrol, which offers dog walking and pet sitting in Conshohocken and surrounding communities.

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