Pet of the Week | Lager

Our first Pet of the Week is Lager of Conshohocken.  Lager wrote his own bio, so we will let him tell his story:

My name is Lager, yep that’s me in the picture above. My humans are Amber and Tony of Conshohocken. We met right after they became engaged in April 2015 at Yuengling’s Lager Jogger 5k. My human dad says I was named Lager to honor this occasion (but I think he just really likes their beer)…

When I’m not sleeping, I enjoy long walks on the sidewalk, candlelight dinners outside of restaurants, chasing squirrels and cats, and chewing tennis balls with my homedogs. From time to time human kids will let me borrow their stuffed animal toys to chew on, which is super exciting! When I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll sneak into Sutcliffe park (no dogs allowed) with Amber and Tony. It really gets my paws sweating.

Pet of the Week is sponsored by Pooch Patrol, which offers dog walking and pet sitting in Conshohocken and surrounding communities.

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