Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Annual Report Offers Insight What and How Much You Are Drinking

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has released its annual report for the fiscal year of 2017-2018. The store located at the Whitemarsh Shopping Center on Ridge Pike in Conshohocken ranked 19th in total dollar sales.

The Conshohocken store had a total of 287,769 transactions, the average transaction was $41.78 and total sales were $12,023,942. For Montgomery County total sales were $220,029,212 (down from $222,293,222 in fiscal year 2016-2017).

The average transaction amount is probably lower for the regular person. The numbers are deceiving because they include the orders from the bars and restaurants. For example, the number one store in the state is a location on Washington Avenue in Philadelphia that is focused on handling orders from bars and restaurants. That location did less than 30,000 transactions, but the average transaction was over $1,000. The orders from restaurants and bars in Conshohocken, Lafayette Hill, and Plymouth Meeting, which mostly take place at the Conshohocken store, drive up the average transaction amount.

The report doesn’t provide data on what products were the best sellers from the Conshohocken store. It does offer some date for statewide and county sales:

  • People love Fireball. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky (50 mL) was the number one selling spirit bringing in $1,998,729 through the sale of 1,487,731 units
  • Stateside Vodka is the top Pennsylvania distilled spirit. Stateside’s (750 mL) sold 34,494 units bringing in $902,836
  • The top Pennsylvania wine is Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery Concord (750 mL). It sold 74,257 units bringing in $749,473
  • The top wine overall was Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay (750 mL). It sold 538,895 units bringing in $7,409,983
  • Unflavored vodka was the top-selling spirit by category type in Montgomery and 56 other counties
  • California Cabernet Sauvignon was the top-selling type of wine in Montgomery and  26 other counties

You can read the full report here.