Participants with shoulder pain needed for a study on blood flow changes in shoulder structures with exercise

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Researchers and Dr. Kshamata Shah and Dr. Phil McClure at Arcadia University are seeking volunteers, who have shoulder pain and are willing to undergo ultrasound scans of the shoulder before and after fatigue and a 6-week exercise program.

Study Details

  • If you have shoulder pain and between 21-65 years of age, you may be eligible to participate. Additional screening visit at Arcadia may be required
  • The protocol consists of 2 testing sessions (separated by 6 weeks), each of which lasts approximately 1 hour. Testing will take place at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Center City, Philadelphia. Treatment includes standard of care 6-week exercise program guided by a physical therapist. These sessions may take place virtually or onsite at Arcadia.
  • Testing is invasive and will include – injection of a standard contrast material, ultrasound imaging, and shoulder exercise. The team of researchers are leading experts in this technology and have safely collected data on several patients for research and clinical purposes. We will be happy to provide additional details when you contact us using the form below or email us at

Our Research Goal

Shoulder pain is a common problem and frequently involves irritation of the joint and tendons of the rotator cuff muscles which are located within the shoulder. Rehabilitation, guided by a physical therapist, is the first line of treatment for many shoulder conditions including rotator cuff problems. We are seeking to better understand how muscle blood flow changes with pathology and how the muscles respond to standard treatment. The overall goal of the Shoulder Research Center is to understand the underlying causes of shoulder pain and develop optimal treatment approaches to manage shoulder pain. 

Our Dedicated Team

Our group includes physician-researchers, radiologists and physical therapists dedicated to understanding the underlying causes of shoulder pain and developing optimal treatment approaches to managing shoulder pain.


Do you currently have pain in your shoulder? When do you have pain?

  • While sleeping on your side?
  • When you raise your arm?
  • During overhead activity and self-care?

If you answered YES to any of these questions and are between the age of 21 and 65, physical therapy could help. You may be eligible for this study.

 You can start now via this screening questionnaire to see if you qualify: 

If you or you know of anyone with shoulder pain/rotator cuff complaints who might be interested in this study, please let us know. Compensation for study visits and treatment sessions will be provided for eligible patients.

Phone: 215-572-2865