Parks in Conshohocken Likely to Become More Dog Friendly

Conshohocken’s Borough Council has a meeting on Wednesday, March 15th at 7:00 p.m. and on the agenda is a vote that will advertise an ordinance amendment to allow for more dog friendly parks. Currently, dogs are not allowed in parks, even on a leash, in Conshohocken’s parks. The dog park is the only exception.

During a meeting of Borough Council earlier in the month, there was a discussion on this topic. Based on that discussion, Sutcliffe Park was not going to be considered due to the heavy use of the park and proximity of the playground equipment to the path. Discussed to become more dog friendly were the “B” Field (East 12th and Hallowell), Mary Wood Park (adjacent to the Fellowship House) and possibly a public meadow that is back behind the homes at West 2nd and Maple Street. There was a concern about making the “B” Field dog friendly due to teams practicing on the field and people not picking up after their dogs.

Note that this change would allow dogs on leashes, not run loose. We also won’t find out which park(s) were included until the ordinance is read tonight. So the parks we listed above, were just the ones discussed. All of the members of Borough Council seemed to be in agreement to take action to make one or two parks more dog friendly.

Not sure if these measures are going to satisfy the dog owning public. Sutcliffe Park has the only true circular walking path in a park in the Borough. Sutcliffe Park seems like the logical choice. We go to the park behind the Greater Plymouth Community Center in Plymouth Township all the time and there is a walking path adjacent to the playground where you can walk dogs (see image above). Based on our experience both exist side-by-side without issue.