Parking Lot Suggested by Conshohocken’s Borough Council to Nudy’s Cafe No Longer a Parking Lot

As mentioned in an opinion piece last week, Conshohocken’s Borough Council is requiring Nudy’s Cafe produce a parking study before Borough Council will grant it an off street parking waiver.  Nudy’s Cafe is going to open in the former Light Parking building at the corner of West First Avenue and Fayette Street. It can not open until it receive the waiver.

During the conversation with the owner of Nudy’s Cafe in a public meeting, members of Borough Council encouraged him to contact the owner of a small parking lot behind the building that will be its home. The idea would be that Nudy’s Cafe could park staff or customers there at least temporarily. The parking lot in discussion was sold to a residential developer who is planning three homes on the property.

That lot use to be associated with Light Parker, but as someone associated with the property stated during the meeting, it was sold after there was a break-up between previous partners. The owner of the building that will be home to Nudy’s Cafe is not the one who sold it.

What makes this conversation odd is that the top photo shows the condition as of Saturday, December 8th of the parking lot in question.

What is odd is that no one on the Borough’s staff informed Borough Council during the conversation that this lot was no longer an option.