Parking Lot for Sale in Conshohocken

This is one of the more interesting real estate listings we have seen. The small private parking lot for Light Parker, the furniture store on the corner of Fayette and West 1st Avenue, is for sale. The lot is along West 1st Avenue, but its addresses are on Forrest Avenue. It is being marketed to be sold not as a parking lot, but as two lots to build homes. The listing states:

Unique Opportunity for Sale! 2 LOTS to BUILD your own home! 100 & 102 Forrest Avenue for SALE Two Building Lots with two possibilities, 2 homes or 2 duplexes. Conshohocken, PA is a one-square-mile community located thirteen miles northwest of Philadelphia and five miles east of Valley Forge National Park. It’s a thriving community of over nine thousand residents and history dating back to William. Stroll down Fayette Street, Conshohocken’s main street and dine at The Great American Pub, Flanigan’s Boathouse, ElLemon, just to name a few. Shop at Flocco’s Shoes, Light Parker Furniture and specialty stores and shops. Agent related to owners.(sic)

To see the listing click here.