Parking garage construction at SORA West to close both westbound lanes of West Elm Street for five months

Last week the Borough of Conshohocken posted a notice about West Elm Street and a westbound lane closure due to the construction of the parking garage within the SORA West redevelopment area.

According to the notice, an “additional” westbound lane of West Elm Street between Fayette Street and Oak Street will be closed starting February 1st. The closure will last approximately five months. West Elm Street is a state road and PennDOT is closing the lane.

We weren’t sure what “additional” meant so we sought clarification from the Borough (we didn’t get a response) and PennDOT. The westbound lane exterior lane is already closed due to the construction. Does closing the “additional” westbound lane mean there will be no westbound traffic allowed?

The response we receive from PennDOT states:

The inside west bound lane will be shifted into the left turn lane, closing the 2 through lanes, which will then be used for through and left movement. All traffic is maintained. If issues arise with traffic backups during peak hours, they will be required to direct traffic during peak hours as a condition of the permit.

Let us know what you think in the comments (especially if you use West Elm Street during morning or evening rush).