Painting of Conshohocken valued at almost $200,000 pops up on Antique Road Show

The February 15th episode of The Antique Road Show on PBS included a painting the owner believed to be of “Goat Hill” in Conshohocken. According to Brian and Jack Coll’s ConshyStuff, Goat Hill was the name of the area around the cemetery in West Conshohocken, not Conshohocken.

The artist, Fern Coppedge, was part of the Pennsylvania Impressionist movement. She lived in Bucks County and died in 1957. The owner of the painting believes her father, who was a doctor in Philadelphia, received the painting from Coppedge as payment in return for a medical procedure.

You can find the episode that includes the painting here. The segment about the painting starts at the 46:25 mark.