Paid Parking Coming to SEPTA Lots at Conshohocken, Spring Mill and Miquon Stations

Free parking is being phased out at the SEPTA lots at the Conshohocken, Spring Mill and Miquon Stations. The switch to paid parking is being done in conjunction with the introduction of the SEPTA Key Card. According to SEPTA’s website:

The SEPTA Key Fare Program is a convenient new way to pay to ride on SEPTA. The Key Card is a contactless chip card that can be loaded and reloaded without having to get a new Card. The fares purchased can be customized to match your travel needs. Key Cards can be purchased at SEPTA Sales Locations and from Transit Station and Bus Loop Fare Kiosks.

Here is the statement we received from SEPTA’s pubic relations department regarding the switch from free to paid parking:

As you know, SEPTA announced its plans in June 2018 to begin introducing the SEPTA Key card to Regional Rail customers. SEPTA Key fare program implementation will happen gradually. While the SEPTA Key card is being phased in, there will be some changes for Regional Rail customers, which, in some locations may include the transition from free to paid parking lots. In the future, customers at Conshohocken, Spring Mill and Miquon Regional Rail Station parking lots will pay for parking. Before this would go into effect, SEPTA will make an announcement well in advance of this change.

More to come.

UPDATE – After we published this article we found out parking at Spring Mill already cost $1.00. So now we are working to see what the rates will be at Conshohoken and Miquon and to see if Spring Mill will cost more.