Owner of Riverbend Cycles and Cafe Taking Over Outbound Station Space

Mark Vaughn, the owner of Riverbend Cycles and The Cafe at Riverbend, a bike shop and small cafe located near the Spring Mill Train Station in Conshohocken, is opening a second cafe at the building that has historically been known as The Outbound Station near the Conshohocken Train Station (2 Harry Street).

Below is a statement from Vaughn:

We started as a guy with a vision for the ideal bike shop and a background in coffee. What was intended as a small addition to that bike shop quickly became a separate and equally important project. Several years of experience later and with a dedication to providing fresh local products to our customers, we strive to provide an exceptional product that caters to everyone in the community.

Cafe at Riverbend – Conshohocken is the next step in this vision. We invite you to join us for a quality, hand crafted cup of coffee, a freshly baked pastry, or one of our many other fantastic products.”

We’ll be partnering with the same companies as the Spring Mill location: Greenstreet Coffee Co, Premium Steap, LeBus, Suzy Jo’s, and Crust Vegan Bakery.

We will have free wifi to go with ample indoor seating (the biggest thing missing from the Spring Mill locartion!).

The Cafe at Riverbend – Conshohocken is projected to open no later than May.