Outgoing Whitpain Supervisor Warns of Corruption within Montgomery County Democratic Party

Ken Wollman (D), an elected Whitpain Supervisor who had been previously endorsed by the Montgomery County Democratic Party, ran for re-election in 2019 as an un-endorsed candidate. Wollman lost his re-election bid.

Wollman recently posted a warning via Facebook that the township party, in partnership with the Montgomery County Democratic Party “will” bring corruption to the township.

On Facebook Wollman wrote:

People ask me what happened with this year’s primary election.

Right now, our local government is NOT corrupt.

The local Dems, the Wissahickon Dems to be exact along with their teammates the Montgomery County Dems, if given the opportunity, WILL corrupt our local government.

I told them I will not be a part of their corrupting of my/our local government.

Not only will I not be a part of it, I will FIGHT it.

Once I told them this I was out and they found a new guy.

And that is the story. I had to do what I know to be right.

Wollman is asked in the comments as to what the corruption would be. He writes:

Great question. Hire top people based on politics, not merit. Hire law firms, engineering firms and other vendors based on how much $$ they donate to Wissahickon Dems and Montgomery County Dems. Pass legislation favorable to unions who donate $$ to Wissahickon Dems and Montgomery County Dems. Raise taxes in order to fund pet projects to benefit the few.

This isn’t the first warning that party officials make demands of elected officials and expect results for donors. Former Colonial School Board member and Democrat Alan Tabachnick publicly stated the following in August of 2018:

It was in the summer of 2009 when our Democrat area leader and campaign manager first introduced the concept of a Responsible Contractor Ordinance (RCO) to me, suggesting it was a very good thing to push for in the district. I soon came to realize that although there were many positives to an RCO, it was seen largely as a payback to Unions for their contributions to a campaign. Union contributions would flow to candidates, but in return, the candidate was expected to “play the game” and push for an RCO.

It took me a number of years to come to this realization, but it really came to a head when Beth Suchsland and I were planning on running for reelection after a very successful first 4 years. We found out that there was no guarantee that we would be on the Democratic ticket in the spring of 2014, largely due to the fact that we had not enacted the RCO nor had we generated any substantial work for firms and/or organizations who contributed to our campaign.

The forces Wollman warns of are already entrenched in the Borough of Conshohocken, Plymouth Township, Whitemarsh Township and the Colonial School Board.

The “area leader” Tabachnick refers to is former Conshohocken Borough Council member and current elected Montgomery County Treasurer Jason Salus (who even sought and received a municipal contract for the insurance broker he works for). Politically, he serves as the area leader for Conshohocken, Plymouth Township and Whitemarsh Township. He is also the executive vice chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee.

Salus is currently running for re-election for Montgomery County Treasurer and local and county level Democrats have thus far not removed him from his party positions. You can’t even get elected Democrats to address the alleged incident when Salus threatened a business owner of his advertising on this website.

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