Our Little Birds Tell Us…

Our little birds tell us that there was a coordinated effort to write-in Bruce Castor for Montgomery County District Attorney on the Republican ballot and that he won. He will now appear on the general election ballot. For that office, there was no one running on the Republican side. Incumbent Kevin Steele (D) won on the Democratic Party ballot. If what we are told about Castor is true, he will face Steele in November. The election will be a rematch from 2015 when Steele defeated Castor.

Castor previously served as Montgomery County District Attorney and as a County Commissioner. He briefly served as an Acting Attorney General after Kathleen Kane resigned (after he conviction).

Castor will always be remembered for his decision to not prosecute Bill Cosby when allegations were first made against him in 2005. According to numerous news reports from the time, Castor declined to prosecute Cosby he believed the accuser’s story was inconsistent.

Steele later prosecuted Cosby in 2015 and Cosby was convicted and sentenced to three to 10 years in prison.

While there are unofficial results of the recent primary, the process of certifying the election began yesterday. It could take a couple weeks. We were told that we will be able to obtain a list of those who received write-in votes sometime next week.

More to come.