Opinion: What you need to know about the election in Plymouth Township for Ward 2

Over the past year, the politics involving the Colonial School Board has generated a lot of interest.

If the actions taken by the majority of the Colonial School Board bothers you, then you need to consider how the actions of the lone incumbent running for Plymouth’s Council mirrored those of the school board.

The Colonial School Board switched solicitors. The majority voted to appoint donor Michael Clarke. Plymouth’s Council, including Manero, also voted to appoint donor Clarke as its solicitor.

The Colonial School Board voted to adopt a “Responsible Contractors” policy that those against argued would benefit the unions and hinder competitive bidding. Plymouth’s Council, including Manero, also voted to expand its similar ordinance.

Those two actions resulted in the fracturing of the all-Democratic school board.

We are told Manero is a nice guy (we have actually never heard anything bad about him). But over the years we have noticed that once elected, nice people get in line and do the bidding of party leaders who have agendas that are not always in the best interest of the public.

If the school board issues didn’t concern you, vote Manero. If they did, consider that Manero was taking the same actions in the same time frame in Plymouth Township and vote for someone else.