Opinion: What Needs to be Said About the Republican Primary for Montgomery County Commissioner

Every single thing happening in the Republican primary for Montgomery County Commissioner is a complete utter waste of time.

There are basically two factions. Incumbent Joe Gale is running with his brother Sean Gale. The party establishment types don’t like them. Joe Gale was able to win a County Commissioner seat without the party’s support last election.

Also running are former Plymouth Council Member Dean Eisenberg, Whitpain Supervisor Fred Conner, and Upper Pottsgrove Township Commissioner France Krazalkovich.

I am disappointed.

On the radio, I keep hearing these commercial from Fred Conner that talk about how he will fight drug injection sites. Does he think he is running in Philadelphia? Complete nonsense. He should be embarrassed.

Out-of-state political action committees are running radio ads and sending mailers, which actually attempt to position the other candidates as further to the right than Gale. Which specific candidate(s) these ads are supposed to benefit is unclear.

The Montco Republican Committee vowed to stay out of the primary and not offer any endorsement. if any of the political action committee ads get tied back to the committee leadership, heads need to role.

One thing that really bothers me is when campaigns do not focus on the issues that actually are relevant to the office being sought.

I keep hearing advertisements talking about who is pro-life and for the Second Amendment. You know what I don’t hear about?

  • How you as a Montgomery County Commissioner you will work to get Butler Pike open as quickly and safely as possible. I want to know what laws and policies are currently in place that slow down this process down and how it will be fixed.
  • In regards to the West Valley Green Road Bridge being closed, how do we speed up or fight the need for a federal review because the bridge was deemed historic? Has anyone from the county written a letter telling the federal government that the bridge not being open is a big problem and that the history is less important than wasting everyone’s time sitting in traffic? Have the current crop of County Commissioners engaged the local federal representatives to make this plea? I want to know.
  • And what has Gale been doing about these two issues?
  • What have the Democrats, who are in charge of the county, been doing on these two issues?

Actual issues impacting the county need to be discussed. Right now no Republicans deserve to win. Lets hope the conversation changes after the primary.

Let us know in the comments what issues you want discussed.