Opinion: We were wrong

Back during the last election, we ridiculed Fred Conner’s radio commercials for his campaign as a Republican for Montgomery County Commissioner.

In his radio commercials, he referenced the “safe injection sites” that were proposed in Philadelphia and inferred they could end up in Montgomery County too. We believed it was just a scare tactic without any basis in reality as far as Montgomery County went.

But then last week happened. Safehouse, the organization behind the “safe injection sites” announced the first location would be in South Philadelphia, in a building that was also home to a daycare center. This led to a forceful response from the community against the “safe injection site” and within a few days, Safehouse announced that it wouldn’t go forward with that location.

So what were we wrong about?

Former mayor and governor Ed Rendell serves on the three-member board of directors of Safehouse. If Rendell, who always sold himself as a moderate Democrat, believed it was a good idea to put an injection site in the same building as a daycare and without any community involvement, it is absolutely not a stretch to believe the current political leadership of Montgomery County would support injection sites.

So we apologize to Conner. We were wrong.