Opinion – The One Reason to Support a Wawa with Gas Pumps

In another life we use to work odd hours (2007ish). Sometimes we would have to leave the house at midnight. It was always painful to look at the gas tank gauge sitting at near empty and realize it would be a hassle getting gas at that hour in Conshohocken.

We lived in the center of town, where there were three gas stations (now two), and knowing we would have to pass three closed gas stations to find an open one always drove us crazy (it probably makes complete financial sense on the gas station’s end).

Some readers accuse us of being anti-Wawa. We aren’t really. We just don’t understand the need for so many Wawa’s in one community. When the proposed Wawa was first publicly discussed back in 2010, there were two existing Wawa’s and Wawa said they weren’t going to close either one if a new one got approved.

Since then, a new one has opened, but at a different location, just outside Conshohocken on Ridge Pike in Plymouth Meeting. So now we have three Wawa’s and still another proposed. That is a lot of Wawa within approximately two square miles.

However, based on our experience, we have to agree with the below Tweet:

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