Opinion: Keep Local Elections Focused on Local Issues

We found the below social media posts made by the local Democratic Party committees a little curious. As you can see, the Conshohocken, Whitemarsh and Plymouth Democrats asked for donations to help them prepare to “keep the Trump Agenda” out of their communities in 2019. The “Colonial Democrats” is an umbrella name for all three local committees.

Democrats control Conshohocken. Democrats control Plymouth Township. Democrats control Whitemarsh Township.

What we find interesting is that they are not running on local issues such as the developments they have approved.

And in regards to the “Trump agenda,” did you know that the police departments in all three communities cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (better known as ICE)?

These communities side with Trump when it comes to cooperating with ICE (there has also been no effort to change that policy in any of the communities). Conshohocken, Plymouth Township and Whitemarsh Township are not sanctuary cities.

Local elections should be about local issues. Those are the issues that need to be discussed and debated in 2019.

Have you ever seen a local politician post on social media or in one of their emails about how proud they are to have voted to approve a development? No, you haven’t.

The municipal and school board elections in 2019 are going to happen fast. The Montgomery County Democratic Committee is holding its endorsement event on February 21st. The Republican Party will be holding its endorsement event around the same time.

The primary will be May 21st. The general election will be November 5th.

If you are interested in running for office, here are the offices up for election locally in 2019.

If you are considering a run, or have decided to do it, we would love to hear from you. Email us at Kevin@MoreThanTheCurve.com.