Opinion: Democrats, if the Montco party has disappointed you, here is how to send a message

There are a good number of Democrats upset with the Montgomery County Democratic Committee. It mainly ties to the school board races in Colonial and Upper Dublin.

So a lot of you are already planning to not vote straight Democratic Party. That means you have to take a look at each race and make a choice.

Even though Montgomery County Treasurer Jason Salus and Sheriff Sean Kilkenny will likely win their races. This election is a great opportunity to cast a protest vote. These guys top the list on walking around the county with their hand out collecting donations from all types of special interests.

For both, politics and elections are a way to make money. It is not about service. Should a party leader and elected official be propositioning municipalities for insurance contracts? If you think that is wrong, then Salus is not your guy.

If you do not think the elected sheriff should be working as a solicitor in numerous municipalities all while collecting campaign donations or ending up as a federal witness in a corruption scandal, then Kilkenny is not your guy.

Salus has a qualified Republican challenger. His name is Tim Mahon and yes we went to college together and were friends. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for a Republican, write someone in.

Kilkenny doesn’t have a qualified challenger. So if you want to send a message, write someone in.

As we stated in a previous post, Democrats are the majority in the county and should control most things. However, if you want to send a message, Salus and Kilkenny are great options on where to start.

Photo: Jason Salus and Sean Kilkenny.

Acknowledgement – Mahon for Treasurer paid for display advertising