Ooops. Conshohocken Police Department didn’t renew its domain name and a Japanese company bought it

The Conshohocken Police Department use to have its own website, but it now has pages within the overall Borough of Conshohocken website (which is perfectly fine).

When it had its own site, the department used the domain name,, which it appears no one renewed (it really should have been renewed and pointed to the page within the borough’s website). It has now been purchased (as of June of 2019) by a Japanese company and let’s just say the site no longer focuses on a local police department.

This is what you now see when you visit

We found this out due to this tweet:

As noted above in the tweet, the Montgomery County website has a list (with links) to all of the law enforcement agencies within the county. As of this morning (we are sure it will be changed today) the link goes to the now Japanese controlled domain.

It is also still the link used for the Conshohocken Police Department’s Twitter account: