One case of Coronavirus thus far in Montgomery County’s daycares and camps

Yesterday, Montgomery County officials held a press conference about the pandemic. We asked three questions at the end of the press conference. We inquired about whether there have been any positive tests for Coronavirus connected to daycare facilities and camps. These have been open since late June.

Our second question was whether daycares and camps are in communication with school districts to offer advice since they have operated during the pandemic.

The third question involved clarifying how a person who tests positive but has a second test at a later date that also is positive is reflected in the data.

In regards to positive tests connected to daycare facilities and camps, Montgomery County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh stated she only knew of one case, a child, who tested positive that was connected to a daycare facility. She was not aware of any positive cases involving a camp.

In regards to whether daycare facilities and camps are in communication with the schools as they prepare plans to reopen schools, Arkoosh said she was not aware of any communication between daycares and camps and the school districts. She did stress that she isn’t in charge of the schools, but that the county’s Department of Health is working with all of the school districts on their reopening plans.

In regards to how someone who is tested twice and is positive twice is counted, both tests are included in the overall number of tests administered, but the person is only counted once in the positive results data. Arkoosh did state that this involves having to catch the second positive test and remove it from the data. She also shared that the number of people taking a second test and being positive is very low.

You can watch the entire press conference here.