Omlie Consulting has found home along Fayette Street in Conshohocken

There is a new business making its home along Fayette Street in Conshohocken. Omlie Consulting has announced that it has opened its office at 922 Fayette Street. The company was founded in 2021 by Conshohocken resident Sarah Catalano Burlew, who serves as the CEO. The consulting firm helps
clients build Transformative Strategies and Trusting Teams with a focus on the health, wellness, and cannabis industries.”

“We are creating a home office where you can enjoy the wonderful amenities you have gotten used to at home, plus have real authentic moments with your colleagues,” shared Burlew. For us, it’s not about going back to work, it’s about going forward to work. People used to want free lunch and a ping pong table in the office, and those are nice amenities, but as we go ‘forward to work,’ we acknowledge the strain that the pandemic has placed on our ability to connect beyond our daily work tasks. Our team wants access to mentorship, leadership, and meaningful connections with colleagues. We believe our new home in Conshohocken creates the time and space for people to collaborate and have the unexpected, authentic conversations that create lasting connections beyond the workplace.”

The namesake of the company is Phoebe Omlie (1902-1975), a pioneer in American aviation. She was the first woman to receive an airplane mechanic’s license, the first licensed female transport pilot, and in 1933 the first woman to be appointed to a federal position in the aviation field. Eleanor Roosevelt included Omlie in her list of 11 women who proved that the world was progressing.

You can learn more about Omlie on its website.

Photo: Omlie Consulting