Office Building on Agenda for Plymouth Township’s Council

On the agenda at tonight’s (Monday, November 13th) meeting of Plymouth Township’s Council is a proposal for an office/lab building at Plymouth Woods Office Center. The meeting is at 7:00 p.m. at the township building’s auditorium.

A letter was posted to a parents group for Plymouth Elementary that encouraged parents to attend tonight’s meeting. The text of the letter is:

On Monday, November 13th at 7:00 PM a meeting of the township council will meet regarding a proposed 5 to 7 store (size to be determined by the developer) office/lab building in the Plymouth Woods Office Center along with a parking garage. The meeting will take place in the township building auditorium, 700 Belvoir Road. Traffic along Plymouth Road and the roads nearby are already in a stand-still certain times of the day without adding an additional 900+ cars to an already street. There will also be the addition of approximately 175 cars for the proposed Driscol track housing development at Plymouth and Whites Road. This will not only affect traffic on Plymouth Road but also Graves, Whites, Belvoir, Thomas Road, and Germantown Pike. It will also affect the traffic coming and going to Plymouth Elementary School. 

Your attendance at the meeting is critical. We have to let council know enough is enough. There is power in numbers. Please put this date and time on your calendar and make your voice heard.

We looked at the zoning map and we believe this property falls within the Office Laboratory District. This district allows for office and lab buildings and in certain circumstance can have a height of 105′. So, if we are right on which zoning district this proposed building falls within, the discussion won’t be whether they can build a building, but if it meets required zoning, and if not, will zoning relief be sought.

We plan to attend tonight. Will have an update tomorrow.