North Star Holistic Health now accepting appointments beginning Monday, June 29th

North Star Holistic Health in Lafayette Hill is now accepting appointments beginning Monday, June 29th! To schedule an appointment visit here.

We look forward to resuming one on one appointments in our COVID free, small private space. Beginning Monday, June 29th we are welcoming quarantined clients who value the sanctum of health and well being as we do. Massage and therapeutic bodywork are inherently hygienic and our private space allows for natural social distancing (no waiting in your car, no waiting room, one client in the building at a time). In response to the global pandemic, we have implemented even more vigorous disinfecting and spacing recommendations as put forth by The AMTA, the PA Department of Health, and the CDC. As a health professional, I am committed to your health and safety. The power of human touch cannot be measured, and I am dedicated to providing these services in the safest manner for all of us.


The body, as the house of the spirit, longs for pleasure and freedom of movement. Massage and therapeutic bodywork serves your overall health by literally making you feel good from body to mind. Types of massage available are Swedish relaxation, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, and Structural Integration.

Yoga (on zoom until mid-July)

All Yoga classes are founded on the principles of traditional Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Each class includes Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. Yoga asana is offered as an exploration of your own internal intuition and resilience. Intuition is awareness and trust in the felt sensations of your own body. The Yoga asana practice is an invitation to explore intuition through movement. Through this intuitive exploration, we can become empowered to make choices from our deepest wells of wisdom, our internal truths.

Practical Spirituality

Return to your inner sanctuary, your inner strength, and resilience through this 90-day program of unificaiont. My life has been the research for this program, my study and education has given birth to a system designed to illuminate your own ability to create a fulfilled life.

This spiritual Journey program includes Yoga classes, full Ayurvedic consultation, therapeutic bodywork and highly personalized spiritual guidance.

Blakey Hastings
Blakey has dedicated her career and life to serving the path of human awakening. A lifelong student of Yoga and survivor of a life-threatening addiction, she has experienced the call to freedom through love. The human soul has four desires – Purpose, Love, Freedom, and Abundance. Blakey is committed to serving these desires through therapeutic touch and practical spiritual guidance.