Noise from rumble strips on Harts Lane in Lafayette Hill leads to a petition to have them removed

Noise generated by rumble strips installed on Harts Lane in Lafayette Hill a few months ago has driven nearby residents to create a petition asking Whitemarsh Township to have them removed.

Rumble strips are cuts in the roadway, normally placed in the centerline or along the edge of the road that results in vibration and noise when driven on. The purpose is to alert drivers when their vehicle leaves their lane.

According to a nearby resident messaged with, the rumble strips were never part of a public discussion.

Below is the text of the petition.

We, the neighbors of Harts Lane and The Reserve, Whitemarsh, PA insist on the removal of rumble strips from Harts Lane by the Whitemarsh Township Administration. We also insist that additional planned rumble strips not be installed.

Harts Lane has not had proper pavement marking maintenance for several years. The Township’s response, including rumble strips, was overdesigned and not appropriate for a residential neighborhood.

The rumble strips are a considerable nuisance to the Harts Lane neighbors. Motorists repeatedly ride on the strips for an extended amount of time. This creates an unacceptable level of noise pollution. Disturbances occur throughout the day and evening, early in the morning and late into the night. Sleep, work and family time are constantly intruded upon by the noise. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, the quality of life around Harts Lane has been disrupted since the installation of the rumble strips.

We call on the Township Administration to respect its residents. Please remove the rumble strips immediately and stop further installations.

You can view the petition here. Those opposed to the rumble strips plan to ask for the issue to be addressed at the June 10th meeting of Whitemarsh’s Board of Supervisors.