No Sewer Rate Increases Until 2023 – Except one in 2020 for West Conshohocken

The Board of Directors of the Borough of Conshohocken Authority voted on August 27th to freeze sewer rates for the next three years.

From the notice:

Under the rate freeze, Conshohocken Borough customers will not see a rate increase until at least the year 2023. After five years of keeping rates flat, the Authority Board, in January 2018, passed a resolution to increase the consumption portion from $3.07 per thousand gallons to $3.30 per thousand gallons. “The Board knows that the residents of Conshohocken Borough are concerned about rates, especially as we have seen rates in nearby Townships and Boroughs go up year after year, so the Board wanted to make it official that there would be no rate increases until at least 2023,” said Carol Smith, Chairwoman of the Authority’s Board of Directors. She added that the Authority’s staff and professionals agree that the rate freeze will not affect the Authority’s ability to serve its customers.

In regards to the West Conshohocken rate hike in 2020, the notice states:

Following a three-year rate freeze that began in July of 2017, the Authority has modified the rate structure for West Conshohocken Borough customers, which will go into effect July 1, 2020. That modification will result in the average ratepayer spending about 37 cents more per day for sewer service.

In a letter sent to its customers in West Conshohocken on September 13th, the Sewer Authority estimates that customers using 12,000 gallons of water per quarter will see their 2020 bills rise from $108.20 to $142.20 a quarter (a difference of $134 a year). The rate hike in West Conshy is to bring the pricing to what customers are paying in the other areas the Sewer Authority serves.

We weren’t sure if we should include this, but we asked a couple of people and they felt it should be included (and it’s not necessarily connected to this rate hike).

Sewer Authority booth at Conshohocken Funfest.

The Sewer Authority sponsored the Conshohocken Funfest on Saturday to the tune of $2,500. The July minutes state:

A motion was made by Mrs. Rielly, seconded by Mrs. Barton to authorize the Executive Director to put together a booth for the Conshohocken Funfest with a budget of $2,500. None opposed. Motion approved 3-0.

Let us know in the comments if you think the Sewer Authority should be spending $2,500 on this type of activity.