No documented Coronavirus transmissions in Montgomery County restaurants and schools

During a press briefing today, Montgomery County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh was asked by NBC10’s Deanna Durante what settings were of concern in regards to the transmission of the Coronavirus.

Dr. Arkoosh stated that social gathering has been the number one setting for exposure. She then offered that there have not been any documented transmissions in the county’s schools and restaurants. Note that there have been cases in these settings, but there have been any documented cases of someone being infected while at those locations. Dr. Arhoosh offered that the mitigation efforts seem to be working and reminded people that restaurants have been operating at a reduced capacity. had submitted a similar question specific to schools to be asked as we could not attend and Arkoosh provided a similar answer.

Watch the video of this portion of the press briefing below.

Photo: Staff at Baggataway Tavern