Nice Story About Someone’s Experience at Cracker Barrel in Plymouth Meeting

Last week Krystal Longnecker and her family were traveling home from vacation and stopped at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store off Chemical Road in Plymouth Meeting for a meal.

She relayed her experience on Facebook. Read her story below:

I had the privilege of eating at Cracker Barrel in Plymouth Meeting, Pa this past Saturday. When pulling in we saw the manager Sean attempting to pry up the gutter grate. Since my husband is a volunteer firefighter he went to see if he could help. We found out a gentleman and his family were on their way back from vacation and stopped for a bite. When the wife got out of the car her ring fell of her finger and in the gutter. After we got the gutter grate up the manager climbed inside and retrieved the ring, cleaned it off and gave it back to the woman. We put the grate back on the gutter and went in to enjoy our meal, and talk about how Sean went above and beyond what any manager or person I met before in my life would do!

Our waitress was amazing despite our daughter’s behavior. Halley has ADHD and ODD, so I went to the car and got her medicine. (A non-stimulant) She took her med and I put the medicine bottle on the table. We continued our delicious meal and the manager even comped my husbands meal for helping! We bought a few things at the store before taking our 2 hour drive home.

BUT MY experience doesnt stop there!

I got home kicked off my shoes, laid down on my bed and that’s when I realized… I FORGOT THE MEDICINE ON THE TABLE! It was the rest of her meds for the week and insurance wouldn’t pay for a new bottle for a WEEK! Anyone with a child on medication for ADHD or ODD knows these meds help your child so much! I called Cracker Barrel right away and Manager Curtis Lightsey answered the phone. He looked around and apologetically said He was unable to find it, but took my number incase is turned up.


Sunday Curtis Lightsey called me saying he found her meds! He asked me how would I like them returned. I told him I live 2 hours away by Atlantic City and I guess the best way would be through the mail. He responded with “I live in NJ. If you want I can drop them off to you. I have a child that uses similar medicine and dont want your child to go without it.” I asked over and over again, “Are you sure?” He kept replying “Of course!” We agreed to meet at my local Wawa the next morning. At 9:20 Sunday morning he handed me the medicine at the Wawa and I kept telling him how I am in complete Awe of how above and beyond he went for my child and I, my whole family really! His response, “I do onto others, as I hope would be done for me.”

I called corporate and told them how amazing they both were. However, what Curtis did I feel like I could never repay! He is an example of a GREAT Man of the Lord! He deserves all the recognition in the world because he drove 2 hours to give my child her medicine, when he could have just tossed it away and moved on with his life like most would.

Please share so that Managers Mr. Curtis Lightsey and Mr. Sean get the very much deserved recognition for going above and beyond what there job requires!