Newport 100 Crime Spree in West Conshohocken

The West Conshohocken Police Department posted reports of two alleged crimes on its Facebook page today. Both involve the theft of Newport 100’s. Below are the reports:


On Friday, May 22, 2015 at 6:07 pm, a white female with long blond hair, entered the Wawa on Crawford Avenue in West Conshohocken, waited for an employee to leave the counter unattended, then, went back behind the counter reached under the register area and grabbed a carton of Newport 100’s. The female immediately exited the store. Video captured the female arriving at the Wawa with an unknown male. The two pulled into the parking lot in a dark blue or black colored pickup truck with silver trim along the side and parked in the furthest spot away from the store. Both got out of the truck and walked alongside each other, but the male stopped and did not enter the store. After the theft, an employee tried to stop the female, but she ran out of parking lot and up Spring Garden Street. The pickup sat for a short period of time, then, eventually left the lot.

West Conshy Newport 1


West Conshy Newport 2


West Conshy Newport 5


The second report reads:

On Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 5:00 pm, an unknown male, entered the Lukoil on Crawford Avenue in West Conshohocken, requesting to purchase a carton of Newport 100’s. The attendant placed the carton of cigarettes on the counter. The male pulled out his credit/debit card and acted as if he swiped the card. The attendant asked the male if he wanted credit or debit, the male stated “debit”. The attendant looked over at the monitor to view the transaction, which did not go through, that’s when the male grabbed the carton from the counter and took off running. He ran out the store across Front Street (SR23) and into the McDonald’s parking lot where he got in to a black sedan and sped off.

West Conshy Newport Lukoil 2

West Conshy Newport Lukoil


Anyone who may know the identity of either individual or may have any other information please contact the West Conshohocken Police Department at (610) 940-5842.

Photos from West Conshohocken Police Department’s Facebook page.