Newark suspends business licenses for Lukoil stations in response to invasion. Plymouth Township has three Lukoil stations

A reader sent a news article from New Jersey about the City of Newark’s Council voting to suspend the business licenses of two Lukoil stations in the city. The action came in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Lukoil stations, while locally owned, are part of an international Russian company.

With three Lukoil stations in Plymouth Township, we emailed the members of the township’s council to ask if they had considered taking similar action.

Councilmember Karen Bramblett (at-large, D) responded to our query.

I personally support the United States’ and the PLCB’s sanctioning of Russian interests and Russian oligarchs for Russia’s unprovoked invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine and for Putin’s heinous war crimes arising out of the deliberate targeting of civilians. I don’t know whether Plymouth issues licenses or permits to gas stations, and what authority we may have beyond the fuel distribution safety regulations in our township code. I believe such discussions would be covered by the Sunshine laws, and Council has not had a public meeting since the invasion began.

Plymouth Township’s Council meets next on March 7th.

Let us know if you think Plymouth Township should explore taking similar action.