New Menu Items at Guppy’s Good Times. Check Out the Waffle Burger!

Guppy’s Good Times introduced a new summer menu late last week. The new menu includes a Waffle Burger with maple aioli, smoked bacon, a fried egg, hash browns and melted cheddar between two Belgian waffles. Another new burger is the Mac N’ Cheese Burger, which tops a juicy burger with mac n’ cheese.

Guppy’s is also now offerings two takes on the Philadelphia cheesesteak. There is a classic cheesesteak available with ribeye or chicken or, if you are more adventurous, you can try the Cheesesteak McCabe. The McCabe is a classic cheesesteak topped with fried onions, mushrooms, green peppers, wiz and three Balls of Fire. Balls of Fire are an item off the appetizer menu that are breaded pepper jack cheese, spicy sausage, bacon and long hots. As Guppy himself would say, “wow wee”.

There is a new salad called The Best Salad ever that includes grilled seasonal vegetables, Spanish olives, hummus and queso fresco. You can add chicken, salmon or ribeye for an additional charge.

Stop in and check out the new items. A few photos are below: