New Hotel and Rehabbed Verizon Building Take One Step Closer to Reality

The Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority voted today 5-0 to accept Keystone Property Group’s proposal for the redevelopment of the grass area at West Elm and Fayette, old fire house and the Verizon Building.  Conshy’s Borough Council voted 6-1 to accept the proposal last month.

What is next?  West Elm and Fayette falls into a zoning district that does not permit a hotel or buildings over 40′ high.  The hotel is 200′ high and both the new office tower and parking deck will also be over 40′ high.  Borough Council is either going to have to rewrite the zoning code or the Zoning Heard Board will have to provide variances.  It is not known which tactic will be followed.

Stay tuned.