New District Map Lands Conshohockens, Plymouth and Whitemarsh in New Congressional District

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court released its opinion on the Congressional District Map earlier today. The new map issued by the Court is to be used for the upcoming primary election in May and thereafter.

The big news for Conshohocken and West Conshohocken is that they are now part of District 4, a Montgomery County-centric district. The prior district map had the Conshohockens tied to Northeast Philadelphia.

The big news for Plymouth and Whitemarsh Township is that they are no longer split between two districts. The two townships were split between the now old Districts 7 and 13. District 7 was tied mainly to Delaware County and 13 was tied to Northeast Philadelphia.

Now all of’s coverage area will be represented by a single member of Congress.

Things to  note:

  • This new map can still be challenged, so this may not be the final map
  • This could be bad news for the current Congressman for the Conshohockens and parts of Plymouth and Whitemarsh, Brendan Boyle (D), who was left without a district when the map drawing ended. His natural base is Northeast Philadelphia, so he will need to decide to mount a challenge for one of the two Congressional districts in Philadelphia or move to Montgomery County
  • We based the information in this article on the maps released by the PA Supreme Court (you can see the entire opinion and all the maps here)

More to come.