Neighbors to Covanta Plant Report Burning Plastic Smell

After a December 2018 a malfunction at the Covanta plant in Conshohocken (Plymouth Township) neighbors reported a burning plastic smell. Covanta stated that the smell did not originate from its plant and went so far as to search the area for other possibilities.

As reported, there was another malfunction yesterday early in the morning. Last night neighbors once again took to social media to report a burning plastic smell .

Dr. Sarah Derr Sterious, who is one of the administrators of the Covanta Plymouth Trash Incinerator- Community Information & Action posted within that group:

Last night there was a lot of noise coming from Covanta around 11:40pm… clearly this violates township noise ordinances. With the burnt plastic smell that once again has filled our community post a malfunction, I called Covanta directly and spoke to Willie Taylor. He indicated they repaired a DC power Circuit last night (probably why plant was so loud in the middle of the night) and they are actively working to fire back up the plant.

Three local municipalities are currently considering whether to sign a five-year extension with Covanta. Conshohocken, West Conshohocken and Plymouth Township all send trash there to be burned (Covanta generates energy through the process).

Conshohocken briefly discussed the renewal last Wednesday. Plymouth Township discussed last night and West Conshohocken will take up the matter tonight. Conshohocken and Plymouth have not yet voted on the extension.

More to come.