National Discussion Over Breastfeeding Photo From Conshohocken

We have noticed the headline for this story on news websites and social media over the past couple of days, but never read the story. However, this morning it was in our email from Google News, which means there is likely a reference to Conshohocken in it.

From ABC News’ Nightline:

A remarkable photo of a woman breast-feeding not just her own baby, but her friend’s as well, is sparking major debate.

Charlie Interrante, 25, wanted her 18-month-old son Mateo to breast-feed even if she couldn’t do it herself.

“I did what was best for my son in a time that he needed something more,” Interrante of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, told ABC News.

When Interrante was unable to pump at her job as a barber, Mateo began reacting badly to formula. So her friend Jessica Colletti suggested the unique solution that she could nurse Mateo while also nursing her own son, 16-month-old Lucian.

“It was just miserable for both of us,” Interrante explained. “I was at my wits’ end and when she offered, I was just nothing but thankful for it.”

Watch the video from Nightline below:

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The pair will be on The Doctors discussing the issue on Friday, August 14th (find your local listing).